I’d murder to get into EastEnders!

I am going to admit it, I am completely and utterly addicted to Eastenders. I have been following it almost since it began. I think the actors are the finest bunch in the industry, and I just love the storylines. However, when was watching it earlier, and wondering just how long before we truly find out who actually did murder Lucy Beale- (or is she going to make a big come back and not be dead at all). It came to my mind, as I watched, that at least half of the cast are murderers or have been in prison for murder, and all are out of prison. And all live in the same street. How many streets can boast of having at least half a dozen murderers as neighbours, I wondered.  Stacey killed her rapist, Ronnie shredded Carl in a car crusher. Phil, I’m sure murdered someone, or even a few people, Ben killed Heather (supposedly by accident- but he did hit her with a sharp object).  Jane, we think, hid Lucy Beale’s dead body. Janine killed all her husbands, ( I think there were three of them, although one had a heart attack on their wedding day and dropped dead at the altar).  Dean raped Linda Carter. Denise was killed by her husband, but in fact wasn’t dead, was just locked in the cellar adjoining her house, and then escaped and came back from the dead, but not before Lucas threw Sugar, their dog, in the river and drowned her.  Dot Cotton is serving life for murdering her son. I’m sure I’ve missed someone out and there’s more.   Oh, and if Kathy Beale is coming back from the dead, as did Dirty Den,  then I am watching out for a return to the square of the lively and lovely Lucy Beale.

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