Hello, and thank you for looking me up.  I have been an actress for all my life, both on stage and many television and film credits.  I also write crime novels- so this web is about both sides of my bow

On the acting front: I have just done a short film for film festivals, so more on that soon.

I have been in the afternoon soap DOCTORS for BBC. Also, quite recently, I went back to my theatre roots and toured in a new play.

Recently, also, I played a leading role in another short film entitled AFTER HOURS, alongside Gary Shail, Brian Murphy, and David Barry, .

There is more about my acting assignments on acting page  on this web on there, you can also see a short video of some my work. Things are reasonably quiet for us actors right now though due to the virus, but fingers crossed the virus will soon be history.

The crime novels I write, are police procedural, they feature a Murder Investigation Team of detectives,  based in South London, where crime is pretty tough. I write how it is – although all my work is fictional.

My latest book is called The BURNING QUESTION.  Thankfully,  it has received great reviews. If you are a crime reader I hope you may get it from the library, or if you buy books, you can order it from your local book shop, or direct from Amazon. The story takes place when a serious of women are being targeted by an arsonist, they live no where near each other, so the police are desperately trying to find a link to the women. A new police recruit knows more than she dare tell, but her conscience is knocking at her. There is romance in this story too, and it features DCI Paul Banham and DI Alison Grainger. They are both of different opinions on which way to take the investigation, but then a piece of valuable information finds its way to them. However, it leads them and their team into serious danger, and they have to find a way out and save not only future victims but now they are being hounded, and the clock is ticking, not to strike midnight but to strike the next match.


All my other books are still available. On Amazon, or from bookshops. Again more on them on my writer’s page.

Many thanks for all your lovely letters. I love to hear what you think.  There is an e-mail address under contacts- if you want personally dedicated copies for presents, or for yourself, please e-mail me and I will sort it. Also the ‘Events page‘ on here will tell you where I will be giving talks and doing signings. So, if you are in the area, do come and say hello.

Incidentally, I am always grateful to get reviews on anything. You can write them directly to Amazon who will print them. It really does help when you are an author. And, this way I can strive to get better.

I have also started a dogblog, so if you are a dog lover, or a dog owner you may enjoy checking it out: Caninesinkent.co.uk

I love to hear about your dogs, places you have been with them, and anything doggy related which may help other canine owners, especially around the area of Kent. There is page on there for you to ask or tell anything about dogs.

I send all good wishes to you and wish you a happy, healthy, and safe year. 

Linda x