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A hostage situation is setting targets the police can’t negotiate with. The hostages are civilians plus two police, one badly injured. Will Banham save his life? This has ben described as an edge of your seat thriller. It has five star reviews. If this is your bag, and you enjoy a good thriller, then try this one. I think you’ll like it.

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SisterHoods. I am thrilled with the excellent reviews on this one. Thank you to all reviewers and Amazon reviews. I am so delighted you like it.





A new girl gang, the ALLEY CATS has taken control of the Aviary Estate and now they make the rules. These girls are out to make changes and keep the residents safe, and they have the ear of the police. When a murder takes place on the estate the police want information but the price of grassing to the feds around these streets is death. The police can get the burnt down play areas rebuilt, so the estate kids have places to play and a community centre to keep them off the streets. But first they need information. When a girl is then found murdered on Alley Cat territory things turn very nasty.

Who can you trust for protection? Wasn’t it better when there was no one? and you lived by street rule?

‘Well written with plenty of action’ – Amazon
‘Excellent crime novel’- Mystery People.
‘A great read, one you won’t want to put down’- Amazon.

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Entertaining Stuff, but not for the faint-hearted- Kirkus reviews.

Regan is a master of her craft- Elizabeth Hayes- Mystery People

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Brother of BladesGang Warfare is rife in South London and when former gang leader Jason gets early release from prison, and secures a scholarship to dance school, it looks as though his life of crime is behind him.

Then when someone from his past is found murdered and Jason is missing, the police have to ask themselves is he a potential victim or a double-crossing killer?

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It seems like a straightforward case for newly promoted DCI Paul Banham and DI Alison Grainger: the murdered women all bore an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.

The enquiry involves an inexperienced but uniquely qualified member of the team, and soon unearths connections with a covert investigation into drug-running and people-trafficking.

Then love rears its complicated head.

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A convicted murderer is out of prison, to the horror of six women involved in his crime twenty years ago.Then, they were seedy nightclub strippers. Now, some of them have a lot to lose. Two are murdered, a red g-string stuffed in each mouth.And D I Paul Banham finds no one has a cast-iron alibi.

Sharp, sexy follow-up to Linda’s smash hit panto-based murder mystery Behind You!

‘Regan exhibits enviable control over her characters in this skilful and fascinating WhoDunnit.’ Colin Dexter OBE

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Christmas: a time of peace and goodwill.

Oh no it isn’t, thinks Detective Inspector Paul Banham. Was the suspicious death at the pantomime an accident – or murder?

Banham finds the theatrical glamour distinctly tarnished by rivalries, grudges and illicit liaisons; and then there’s a second death.

But the panto is sold out and the show must go on.

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