OCTOBER 20: Yes, it’s true isn’t it? Only how many shopping days until Christmas! And what a year it’s been.
Today I feel really thrilled that someone has finally got something right. The actor David Suchet(He played Poirot, in case you need reminding), has been awarded a knighthood. I worked with him as a young actress in the RSC. He was my workshop leader, and I was in the RSC production on Once in a Lifetime, with him, and taught me so much. He is one on the genius’ of our business and his knighthood is so well deserved. Hooray for this.

May 2020: So we are in lockdown. The government has said we can work from home or go back to work if we can’t. I can write, but I can’t do any acting, as contact is only within 2 metres of another person. And all my after dinner talks and festival hosting etc is cancelled. However, this time will pass and I am using mine to write more and keep my acting craft up to scratch. My latest book The Terror Within, is doing well, I am delighted to say, and I have had a lot of lovely letters from readers saying they are enjoying it. I so love to hear from readers. I hope everyone out there is finding things to do within this difficult time. A good time for spring cleaning, or if you have dogs, you can get longer walks than usual. On my web Caninesinkent.co.uk I am going to explore some lovely walks and will write about them on there. Also another thing I have been doing is having a clearcut. I hate clutter, so I am bagging up anything I don’t use and making loads of bags of stuff to be delivered to charity shops as soon as they re-open. Fortunately the weather is good, so loads of reading too, out in the garden, Sadly my hubby suffers terrible with hay fever, so he sits inside the open conservatory doors and sneezes! Stay well everyone.


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