June 19 2020

I Had such an interesting afternoon hosting a panel from the award winning Jack the Ripper two-part series. MY panel included the immensely interesting, and fascinating David Wickes, the director of the film. He had researched the killer so thoroughly and brought so many views before us. Also the actors Gary Shail, Hugh Fraser, and George Sweeney, all played leading roles and could have been the Ripper. Many thanks to Misty Moon Productions for producing such a fascinating talk, and to the Cinema Museum for having us. There is a Jack the Ripper Society if anyone is interesting learning more on this infamous murderer.

I am addicted to EastEnders. The standard is top rate. And I love the fact that so many of the characters have murdered someone and got away with it. Currently now we are on tender-hooks as to who murdered Stuart, or maybe he will recover from his coma. The police are excellent too. They always suspect Phil Mitchell, although they never can tie him down. Well this time, for this shooting he wasn’t around, so who will you blame. Danny Dyer? Or was it his wife, Linda? I am sure we will never really know. And like all the other killings, it will get buried under the Queen Vic and all will be history. Until it rains…. and the canal overflows, because there are many guns and pieces of evidence that could come to light.

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