APRIL 2020: Just so delighted with the reviews on Terror Within. Anyone who writes will know the dread and fear one feels when a book is due out. In the theatre I thought first nights were the worst thing in the world, but the good thing about those is that all the mistakes you make you can rectify the next night or through the run. With a novel, and so many hundreds of copies been printed, if you have made a mistake there is no going back.

Thankyou to all the bloggers, Amazon Reviewers, and everyone who has reviewed it. I am ever grateful you like it. I will keep striving to get better. I know we are all in lockdown, but when this is over, I am going to be out signing in various places (all will be up on my EVENTS page, on this web, and if any of you are in the area, I would love you come and say Hi.


Book Signing

It is August and, officially my latest hits the shops at the end of this month, and currently I am being sent around doing lots of promotion to publicise the fact that it is coming out soon.
I went to a book shop yesterday. The staff there were terribly nice, and because no one seemed to be vaguely impressed with my presence in the shop, except to ask me if I knew where the Sci-Fi  or the young adult author’s books were kept, one of the shop assistants brought me tea and cake. I adore cake and can hardly resist the smell of a cream and jam laden fresh sponge slice. However, I am abstaining from cake at the moment. (I didn’t like to say so at the time as the cake was definitely home-made, and with all the trouble it takes to bake a cake, and Mary Berry’s latest book flying off the shelf in front of my very eyes, when no one was even looking at mine, I felt the least I could have done was to say thank you. Otherwise, it might have looked like I was envious of Mary Berry. Actually I am. She has the most gorgeous figure and every shot I see of her on television, she has her mouth stuffed with cake. The truth is I am going on holiday soon and am hoping to get into my clothes, so am attempting to avoid anything that is heavily sprinkled with sugar.  I was about to drink the tea when a customer came up and looked at my name above my table and asked if I was Linda Regan.  Relieved I didn’t have a mouthful of cake, I said I was, and asked if she wanted me to sign one of my books for her. She said she did, but her eyes were glued to the sugary, cherry and cream filled, slice of cake on the plate in front of me. I crossed my fingers behind my back and told her I wasn’t a cake person and would she like the slice. She said she would and immediately ate it, she also washed it down with my tea. I didn’t like to object because she was the first person all day to ask for a signed copy of my book. (even though I asked if she wanted one). So I just handed her the book, duly signed.  She thanked me and as I watched her walk to the till to pay, she walked past it, and then out the door and into the street, still carrying my book in her hand!

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